What? Me? Why Blog?

I’m Viraj and I’m turning 32 in March. I live in New Delhi, India and I work as a creative professional in Advertising. That’s me in the picture below, just so that you can associate a face with a name, nothing more. 🙂Image

I’ve never managed to keep a diary, though being a designer, it’s something I’ve been encouraged to do often. Part of the reason is, I tend not to look back for clarity about myself, and focus instead on the future and on keeping myself open to stimulation.

I believe in the ‘Black Swan’ approach, in that being open to random influences is highly beneficial. I use this approach in design too, sometimes, shutting my eyes and randomly shifting things around, making things really big or small. I have to tell you, it works! I’m often delighted by what I see in front of me and my design takes a whole different direction, one that sense and sensibility would not have led to.

But I’m digressing. The other reason I think I’ve never kept a diary is that I like sharing my points of view, hearing what other people feel about it, and that’s where I’m hoping blogging will help. An old boss of mine called his blog ‘digital substitute for a spirited conversation‘  which is a good description of what I would like this blog to become.

I enjoy writing. Very much. Writing a blog post involves a nice mix of informality and discipline.

In keeping with the spirit of randomness, I’ll leave the content you’ll find here open. But I do foresee are a lot of posts tagged ‘culture’, ‘design’, ‘art’, ‘technology’ and ‘social behaviour’, all written with what I hope you will find an interesting insight.

Look forward to publishing, reading and spirited conversations.



5 thoughts on “What? Me? Why Blog?

  1. essentially you walk/write/laugh/sing/talk/react…you bring your whole life with you in any sort of reaction/creation (reaction and creation have the same letters reassembled:)…look forward to seeing more of your life 🙂

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