How do those Mad Artists Think? Art Decoded at The Toddy Shop, Hauz Khas Village


Workshop Title

How do those Mad Artists Think? Art Decoded.

Workshop duration

3 hours

Date and Time

Sunday, 14th December 2014, 4.30 PM – 7.30 PM

Workshop Fee

Rs.600. Includes a beer and veg/non-veg snacks.

Introductions (10 minutes)

4.30 – 4.40

Introductions, with name and favourite artist, film maker, writer etc.

That's me, randomly pasting 'big words' from the world of Art, all over the floor of the workshop space. 

That’s me, randomly pasting ‘big words’ from the world of Art, all over the floor of the workshop space.

Post-it discussions – ‘Demystifying Big Words’  (1 hour)

4.40 – 5.20

Discussions on the meaning of ‘Big Words’ from Art and Design and the relationships between them. What’s the difference between Craft and Art for instance? Or what’s the difference between Performance Art and Theatre?

5.20 – 5.40

Rearranging the ‘Big Words’ to demonstrate how they all fit into a very logical artistic process.

Break (10 minutes)

5.40 – 5.50

Cigarettes, washroom, answering missed calls

Creative Geniuses from Art History and what does ‘Being an Artist’ mean today – ( 1 Hour 20 minutes)

5.50 – 7.10

-Presentation on the arc from Realism to Abstraction and the beginning of Modern Art.

-Presentation on major Art Movements from 1900 to the present, with key figures.

Conclusion (20 minutes)

7.10 – 7.30



1 A, 2nd Floor, Hauz Khas Village, Hauz Khas, New Delhi

Ph: 01140519338, 09560256426

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For more details contact:

Viraj : 97177 38723 /

Nayantara: 97171 03014 /

Randeep Singh: 98102 85789 /

Who is this workshop for?

1. Anyone who has ever wondered ,”What’s so great about that?” when encountering an apparently ‘famous’ work of art.

2. Anyone interested in art. No prior knowledge of any kind is required.

3. Anyone who indulges in an artistic hobby like writing, photography, painting, music etc., or indulges in Art appreciation of any kind, will benefit greatly from this workshop.

4. Creative Professionals like designers, architects, film-makers, art directors and copywriters will be able to attribute reasons and logic to their intuitive creative output.

5. Any job requires creativity. The lessons from the lateral thinking of the Art world are truly inspiring and will help you think ‘out of the box.’

About Viraj

profile pic“I’m a Creative Director at Global Team Ford. A lot of what we’ll be discussing at the workshop has helped me profoundly in my job.I believe that a country is only as great as the dreams of its artists. Engaging with art expands our minds and enables us to derive maximum meaning from life.I know a lot of very talented people who are intimidated by what they refer to as the ‘esoteric world of Art’. A small initiation on ‘How those Mad Artists think?’ would go long way in removing this unhealthy fear (Art is for everyone!), and help one get the most out of any artistic experience. Hence this workshop.”